In 2019, I thought about a notorious individual, and I wondered when things went wrong for him. And, why things went wrong for him? Then, I began to wonder why the same things didn’t go wrong for me. As I began to look into his past, I noticed our childhoods had many things in common. However, there was one big difference. 

During this journey, I wrote down all of my thoughts and questions. Then, I began to look at more notorious people. Shortly after looking at a dozen people, I decided to write a short book about what I learned. 

However, for some odd reason, I talked myself out of finishing the book. Now, it’s early Fall of 2021, and I find myself returning to the book, but for a different reason than to finish it. This reason was birthed from one backward thought that led to another. Here it is: 

“Who says I have to finish writing the book? Why can’t 94 pages be enough? Why do I need to have my thoughts proofed? Why can’t I share a rough draft? What if people get the gist of my message before they get to the end of the unfinished draft? You know what… I’m going to publish it like it is and see what happens.”