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"a beggar with a cardboard sign publishes more content than a writer who only talks about writing!"

Latest Creations • 2023

What I did: One day, I challenged myself to write a short plot or movie/book description (including a title) in less than five minutes. I made my own rules where grammar, punctuation, and other writing laws didn’t matter. And, when time elapsed, editing was illegal. Lastly, I had to share the plot with at least three people. The following day, I tried it again. Next thing you know, after 205 days, I had a book full of novel ideas.

What I learned: How to think faster, write more, and care less. But, most of all, ideas are limitless. 

The List of Names (Fiction Novel)

In 1994, during third period at Sun High, two friends created a list of names ranking the top ten girls in the school. What started as a fun idea to pass the time spiraled into chaos, deception, and death.

Twenty years later, two alums meet in an old truck-stop diner to discuss their secret relationship but end up discovering lies hidden from the town for decades.

Like gasoline and fire, Corrie’s twenty-year obsession with the list mixed with Tysun’s haunting desire to redeem his past causes an explosive scandal that threatens more than they could’ve ever imagined.

Fiction • Mystery/Thriller

What About Avery? (Fiction Novel)

The News-Register in McMinville, Oregon covered a tragic story headlined with a heart-wrenching question that most people never saw due to the unending cycle of worldwide news.

Years ago, two overworked, burned-out Pre-K teachers got high at work and took their students on an impromptu field trip to Devil’s Punchbowl without notifying the children’s parents.

Shortly after the child-like teachers loaded the four rambunctious boys onto the school bus, the only little girl, Avery, sat alone in the back, knowing that something was wrong.

To this day, the one question that everyone asks is, 

“what about Avery?”

Fiction • Mystery/Thriller

Sinister Emails • Thirty-Two Tactics for Tormenting
For years I’ve hesitated to share these emails with anyone due to their sinister nature and the fact that the thirty-two tactics could be used for bad. However, I believe there is nothing hidden that won’t be disclosed, and there is no secret that won’t be brought out into the light! (The inspiration for this book came from CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.)

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Scorphans • It’s a choice to be offended

An idea that came from a conversation with a stranger at Starbucks

Die in Purpose • Only two copies in print. I wrote this book for my kids in case I die tomorrow.

My First Book • The 2015 version:

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