Last week I was visiting a guy who’s been in jail now for over 550 days. He has previous charges such as assault and battery, domestic violence, and possession of a deadly weapon.

In his case, can you guess what all three of these charges have in common? His hands. I waited for the right moment while we were talking, and then I asked him,

“So, tell me, what’s your plan for when you get out of here?
Meaning, what do you want to do?”

I ask this question to many people, not just men who are currently in jail. Most people don’t have a solid answer for this question, so they quickly default to something like:

  • I want to go skydiving
  • I want to go on vacation
  • I want to retire before I’m 65
  • I want to pay off my mortgage
  • I want to make it through the week
 What do those answers have in common? Shelf life. Because after those things have be done, then what?

I immediately asked this guy in jail a followup question before he could give me a shelf life answer.

“or, what’s something you want to do continually …
starting when you get out … that doesn’t have a shelf life?

His repsonse was eye-opening. He told me he’s always enjoyed working with his hands and that he would love to learn how to weld one day. His answer makes so much sense to me.

The very things he busted up
which got him busted,
are the very things
tied to his desire – his hands.

I told him,

“It’s early bro! It’s not too late.
Busted hands don’t cancel God’s plans.”

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